Nicknames. What is the Point of This Blog?

How many parents nickname their kids….and i’m not talking about the traditional Nicole-Nikki type nicknames…but random names they have the tendency to fly out of your mouth when you talking to the for example these are some of the names that I have used/still use for my two:

  • lola bug
  • lily bug
  • buggy boo
  • my little peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • my little macaroni and cheese
  • noodle doodle pants
  • squishy wishams
  • cutie mcsquishy pants
  • lola loves
  • lola granola
  • lola banola
  • lolita lampika
  • lily mcdoodle
  • silly pants
  • my little bippity boppity blueberry button

And the list goes on…these are just some of the names I remember…some,  I’ve only said once, others I still say. Why do parents do this? Is it just me? Am I a complete psycho mom? Who knows…but all I know is this: Its fun, some of the things that roll off my tongue amuse me to some degree and the kids like it, so until they start to get embarrassed I will keep it going.

Now the point of this blog is NOT to talk about nickname,s but to talk about my little little bumble bee cup cakes who also go by Lola (6 years) and Lily (2 years). I wish I would have started this when Lola was a baby…She did some pretty adorable things when she was little, so now I am going to have to  go way back on my facebook and MYSPACE (If I still remember the darn log-in info) to find out some bitter sweet Lola-bug moments.

Becoming a Mom has altered my memory pretty bad. I forget things that I should remember…important information  special moments, I get my dreams and real life confused at times, and well….it worries me a bit. Out of all the things I forget but want to remember…its my kids special moments in time. Special achievements, awards from school, funny jokes they say, adorable ways they say a word wrong when learning to talk…ECT.

Enjoy. I know I will, when I am having a bad day, or feel like scrolling back through old memories.

XOXO- The red headed-crazy mommy bear of my 2  little precious bumble bees.


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